3D Short Films


Imagining Presence


Natural world is perceived as a simulation and mediated through our experience. Our generation depend on the crisp, fabricated images of smartphones and the internet, more than the dissolving vague memories in our heads. With various layers of the reality shown, the piece tells us that as we evolve, our senses will dull, memories will fade and reality will be lost.

Rice Cake (그림의 떡)


"The rice cake in the picture" is a Korean phase that holds the same meaning as "pie in the sky". As traditions pass down generations, they get manipulated and mistranslated in contemporary society. During a time a miscommunication and misunderstanding between generations, we struggle to find a place for ourselves. Today, hopes are like computer images, mere fabricated images that don't exist. 

Our Standardized Freedom


Some people say mundane life is a gift, but we disagree. The same, ordinary life is structured by the expectations of contemporary society. Here, ordinary repeats. There are hints of escape with the world falling apart, but you realize you are still trapped in a loop. Is this just a bad dream or reality?

Things Happen (For the Better)


Is this a dream or reality or virtual reality? More importantly, which one would you rather be in?

Virtual Escapism


Complex feeling of wanting to escape the imperfect reality and being comforted in the virtual.



How our future might look in a Capitalistic society. What it takes to maintain a prestigious life.

Summer Fashion 2015


Appropriation and glitch video commenting on fast fashion. These disposable fashion bring many problems, like poor quality.

Production Line


Appropriation video commenting on Capitalism, mass production, and mass consumption of food.

Music: My Chemical Brothers - Believe

Totemic Tension


Collaboration with Cecilia and Maddy. Shot with Bolex 16mm film.